Big, small, non-profit or independent, I love working with people in all fields and pursuits.


Website Design

I believe that a website is the ultimate destination for your customers. It’s a place they can go to learn about you, interact with your brand and connect with you as a business. With my holistic approach to web design, I will ensure that your site compliments an existing brand or that it is developed to reflect a new identity that I have created on your behalf.

Website Support

From a security perspective, a poorly maintained site can even become a liability. Unnecessary files and data can slow your site down. Unwanted content such as comment spam can cause you a world of hurt, consuming valuable resources and impact on your search engine rankings. Security flaws can enable attackers to use your site to commit fraud, spread malware and launch further attacks.


E-Mail Marketing

Email campaigns are like sending a postcard from your journey abroad. It’s a quick and effective way of keeping your customers informed of what you and your business have been up to. No, we’re not talking about spam. We’re talking about good quality, interesting reading material to remind people who you are, what you offer and why they should stick with you along their own little adventure.


SEO Optimization

Social media networks are simply a part of daily life for millions – in fact, billions – of us. With such a far-reaching scope, it’s no wonder that these networks have become such a valuable tool for businesses. If you’re not posting on social media, you’re behind the times – but we can help. Effective social media marketing is about much more than just posting.